Affiliated to TU and recognized by NMC

Dear Parents/Students,

I would like to share my pleasure of renewed prospects and hope for better prosperity at Janaki Medical College. We have provided standard of academic quality up to the mark. Our graduates scale fairly well in council exams to top scorer in university examinations. This reflects the dedication of individual students and quality guidance of our faculties from Nepal and outside.

What have we got in renewed prospects? Simply making a knowledgeable doctor is not enough. From students’ future perspectives, in the context of fast changing world, we have deeper and broader concerns. He/she has to be mentally and physically prepared to handle turmoil situations in the modern medical system with increasing complexities, and yet stand morally sound in offering services to humanity.

So far all-round development of student is concerned, there are gaps where we can further improve, beyond existing trend at most medical colleges. We have made a resolve that, for sustainable prosperity of the college, comprehensive development in quality of graduates is essential. This adds impetus to some pressing needs of our students like healthy and hygienic food, sanitation, free and easy access to communication, involvement in extra-curricular activities, exposure to realistic learning platform and fine touch of spiritual understanding.

Standard medical teaching, as per the curriculum, orients our students to modern trend in medical practice. Therefore they can perform better in well-off settings. Additional exposure to community provides opportunity to understand our society’s ground reality. Translating this experience into in-hospital service, under the guidance of experienced faculties, help them understand more pragmatic approach to management in embarrassing situations arising from socio-economic constraints where standard medical knowledge may not be helpful or may even be unethical.

Lastly, but most importantly, we feel that we share the heart of parents. Every parent feels that his/her beloved son/daughter, must learn discipline and yet be loved and well cared for. We make sure that the activities and performance of individual students be closely monitored through experienced mentors, and ensure positive behavioral change in cordial atmosphere.

Looking forward to welcoming you at Janaki Medical College and helping us to help you accomplish a most esteemed and self-respectful mission of life.