Affiliated to TU and recognized by NMC

Janaki Medical College (JMC) located in Janakpur, Dhanusha, Nepal has been an initiative of Ram Janaki Health Foundation Pvt. Ltd. Our goal is to deliver health education and healthcare services through its competent professionals in medical academia. Founded in December 1999 in the northern rural part of the Janakpur city, known as Ramdaiya Bhawadi, by a group of social and academic entrepreneurs with immense local support, JMC has established itself as one of the most prominent medical colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The college has been able to fulfill the requirements for the intake of 100 students per year right from the following year of its establishment. Later years, an accreditation from Nepal Medical council and also from Nepal Nursing council was provided to the college.


The college has opened its two hospitals, one in Ramdaiya with 160 beds, and another one with 365 beds in the city center of Janakpur. The premise of more than 16 bigahas; a local unit to measure the area of land in Ramdaiya consists of academic and hostel building, hospital facilities ,and administrative blocks. Teaching-learning activities take place in Ramdaiya premises whereas the city hospital of the college provides bedside learning facilities and internships to the students.


Academic and healthcare facilities provided by the college have been regularly inspected by the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Medical Council ,and Ministry of Education.



Becoming leaders in the medical education and healthcare sector in Nepal by providing the best quality services at the levels including primary, secondary ,and tertiary care for people living in urban and rural areas.



Our mission is to promote the best quality health education and services along with a strong visionary association with the government, and local communities by providing the best medical education, the most affordable healthcare services ,and quality research.



  • Develop the college as the first choice of medical students through the provision of quality medical education, healthcare programs ,and community interventions.
  • Provide health education as a center of excellence with integrated clinical services and community-oriented healthcare services.
  • Serve individuals and communities by well-qualified health professionals using modern technologies in health sciences at an affordable price and
  • Develop Janaki Medical College as an internationally recognized center of excellence in medical education and healthcare services in Nepal.