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Regulations relating to Discipline, Conduct, Welfare and Code of honor for the students of JMC:

General Discipline & code of honor, students’ conduct Rules. These rules are applicable to undergraduate students of the college.

  1. No student or students shall be allowed to:
    • From any type of society/association/organization.
    • Invite any outsider to address any meeting at the college/hospitals whether academic, social, religious or political, without prior written permission from the JMC authority. Decision of authorities will be final and taken on case to case basis.
    • Paste any poster, pamphlet, fix banners or graffiti (Wall chalking)on the wall in the premises of the college.
    • Room around or play in the premises during teaching hours and/or clinical posting.
    • Arrange any program, picnic, musical concert, sports activities etc. on their own without prior written permission from JMC authorities.
    • Collect money for any purpose whatsoever.
    • Address the media or the national press on any subject.
    • Possess or use weapon and/or any other harmful item inside the premises of the college and its teaching hospitals.
    • Enter administrative/department offices, telephone exchange, IT Department or teaching areas like laboratory, lecture hall of the college or department without purpose or prior permission.
    • Use office equipment/machineries like telephone, computer, printer, overhead projector or multimedia etc. without prior permission.
  2. Smoking, pan chewing, littering, spitting and other activities, prejudicial to the conduct are prohibited in the classrooms, laboratories, seminar/tutorial rooms, library during and after college hours and wards during clinical postings.
  3. College Identity Card (ID) should be displayed at the times when the students are in the premises of the college or its hospitals. Faculty members and security staff are authorized to check ID cards at any time.
  4. The students should wear apron/white coat during classes and hospital postings.


Students’ Disciplinary rules and procedures. Any student involved in violating the discipline or committing in disciplinary act shall be dealt with accordance to the college conduct rules and the procedures mentioned below:

  1. The principal on sue motto or on any complaint, may initiate action against any student of the college or refer the case to the Disciplinary committee of the college for appropriate recommendation.
  2. Before taking any action, the principal shall serve a show-case notice to the student indicating briefly the charges against him/her. The accused student will have to submit a written reply within seven days. She/he will be offered a chance for personal hearing after which the principal is empowered to suspend, rusticate or expel the student as per rules.
  3. The student, whom the principal has suspended, rustication or expelled from the college may appeal to the Board of Directors of Janaki Medical College against the decision of the principal within 30 Days.
  4. Any student whose name appears in first information report (FIR) pertaining to any nonbailable offence as specified in the criminal procedure code will be suspended. During the pendency of the case she/he will not be allowed to attend the classes or take up any examination.



  1. Warning/Suspension

    Acts of misconduct liable for warning/suspension (from all academic activities)for a period up to six months if any student

    • Misbehaves or quarrels with any teacher or member of the staff.
    • Is generally disobedient.
    • Spreads false rumors.
    • Uses unbecoming, indecent or filthy language.
    • Incites other students to violence.
    • Is inappropriately dresses.
    • Shouts, abuse, quarrels or fights with fellow students.
    • Raises slogans to hurt others, politically or religiously.
    • Interferes with administration including the mode or schedule of the examination or internal assessment.
    • Indulges in acts any kind of political activity including displaying posters or play cards inside the college premises.
    • Indulges in acts of immorality.
    • Remains absent continuously for more than two weeks without prior permission.

    Any student who commits above acts of misconduct is liable to one of the following penalties:

    • The student may be asked to tender an apology, verbal or written. This shall be placed on the student’s record.
    • The student may be placed on probation for a period up to one year. If duration the period of probation he fails to improve his conduct as above, she /he may be rusticated from the college.
    • The student may be finds necessary may suspend the student for a period not exceeding ten days for pending enquiry into the misconduct of the student.
    • The student may be suspended from the college roll not exceeding six months.
  2. Rustication

    A student may be rusticated for a period extending up to three years due to any of the following acts:

    • Taking forceful possession, making unauthorized use or damaging any property.
    • Involving himself/herself in any agitation activity.
    • Found indulging in activities, prejudicial and detrimental to the good order to the college.
    • Adopting unfair means during examination.
    • Disobeying an order of suspension passes against her/him.
    • Any other acts, which the principal or the disciplinary committee considers inappropriate.
    • Anybody who does not submit the prescribed undertaking about non-involvement in political activities.

    Note: Any student suspended or rusticated for the reasons mentioned above shall not be allowed to attend classes or appear in the examination/reside in hostels and treated as persona non grata.

  3. Expulsion

    A Student is liable to be expelled from the college if he/she commits any of the following acts and this order shall be final and irrevocable.

    • If she/he is found in possession of fire arms or lethal weapons or narcotic drugs in the college premises, hostels, examination hall, teaching hospitals or any other areas as specified by the college administration.
    • Remains absent for more than three months without permission of the principal, his/her admission shall be cancelled by the disciplinary committee.
    • Is convicted by the court of law for any criminal offence.

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